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JSV-001 heat press machine and Jet Sport Haft

JSV-001 heat press machine for sale

Jet Sport’s JSV-001 heat press machine combines advanced technology with sound ergonomics. Its intelligent electronics have been developed for custom use and easy setting of pressing parameters such as application time and temperature.

The digital display permits easy entering and adjustment of variables while the thermal control system distributes the heat evenly across the contact surface, and the pneumatic cylinder automatically stops the application and raises the heat platen when the indicated application time runs out.

JSV-001 is a quick and practical solution for printing on e.g. workwear and sportswear. The machine meets all required safety criteria, standing ready to be a reliable team player for the selective manufacturer who believes second-rate fixed assets need not apply.


  • Digital setting: Air pressure, application time, and temperature are set on a digital display.

  • Even heat distribution: The control system distributes the heat evenly across the entire contact surface.

  • Low hysteresis: The control system minimizes temperature fluctuations, ensuring homogenous prints.

  • Easy handling: JSV-001’s movable parts have a silky-smooth glide.

  • Air pressure: The platen are moved by means of air pressure.

  • Manageable size: JSV-001 has a modest volume of 0.36 m3 and weighs just 100 kg.

  • Any transfer: JSV-001 supplies enough heat to manufacture any transfer type.

As part of a deal, we are happy to pay you an on-site visit and help you install the heat press, fully explaining to you its features and functions. We’ll get your production started right away.

Please note that JSV-001 requires an air compressor.

NikolayS, CC BY-SA 3.0

JSV-001 information

JSV-001 is an electric and air pressure-driven machine with digital setting of application temperature, time, and pressure. It is 100% ready for installation and operation upon delivery.

It can operate automatically or be operated manually. It is assumed maintenance-free beyond standard cleaning.

JSV-001 meets harmonized standards and criteria in:
89/392 Appendix 2

Practical information

Instruction manual is included.
Warranty period of 1 year.
Length: 100 cm.
Width: 51 cm.
Height: 66 cm.
Weight: 103 kg.
Electrical connection: 230 volt.
Fuse: 10 amp.
Air pressure: 8 mm hose, is pushed 17 mm into the quick coupling.

Jet Sport offers an advantageous chain deal with an accompanying discount. Should a payment plan/partial payment be preferred, we also offer rental or leasing. Reach out to us to learn more.

Jet Sport Haft — when simple is best

Jet Sport Haft improves pressing of transfer foils after application.

The haft’s negligible weight of 460 g makes it quick and easy to handle.

Antistatic features discharge the logos, permitting immediate post-heat transfer foil removal.

The haft’s maneuverability reduces the risk of work-related injuries to shoulder and wrist.

The aluminum’s high thermic conductivity and low density quickly heat the metal, saving often tiresome wait times.

NikolayS, CC BY-SA 3.0