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About us

Jet Sport is a family-owned, internationally oriented manufacturer operating within the production, processing, and delivery of textile prints, transfers, and embroideries. As industry leaders and developers of fabric embellishments, we have built a reputation for creating eye-catching, effective logos and name prints for leading companies and associations. Our prints are innovative, easy to work with, and strengthen brand awareness.

We are Jet Sport.

Our ambitions

What are our ambitions?

Becoming Europe’s leading supplier of artistic and advanced printing solutions.

How do we fulfill our ambitions?

By realizing our customers’ passion and creativity through intelligent and hard work.

Competencies and principles

Flexibility and sustainability

Textile prints face stringent demands. We meet them with modern technology, skilled professionals, and decades of experience.

Individual solutions for every need

We happily accept the challenge of meeting our customers’ needs. Demands and expectations are welcome opportunities for growth and improvement.

Impeccable customer service

We want to exceed our customers’ expectations. Only when they are fully satisfied do we feel we have done well enough.

Strong partners

We have built a strong network of business partners that helps us create happy and loyal customers.

Speed ​​and efficiency

We have a large and varied inventory. With thousands of ready logos, we can ship out with no more than a day’s notice.

Profitable communication

Explore our website to see how our products and services can meet your needs and reach out to us for a non-binding talk.


From all angles, our employees, suppliers, and customers find new ways to be positive influences on the world. Sustained change demands commitment and contribution from everyone. On our path toward our sustainability goals, we think big and employ our team spirit, creative joy, and technical know-how to innovate and improve our operations, our products, and — ultimately — our planet.


A job with Jet Sport can be just the change you need. With us you can nurture your career at a company with innovation in its genes and the will to create a more sustainable world. We are an international industry leader with a flat hierarchy and an open-minded culture in which diversity is respected and good ideas are fostered.

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Our history

1971 — An unassuming start

As companies are most, Jet Sport started under modest conditions. Three enterprising friends named John, Eddie and Torben - now you know where ‘JET’ comes from - launched us in 1971 with the aim of making textile prints for sportswear.

1994 - A stable enterprise

Barely two and a half decades of modest but steady operation in the hands of John, Eddie and Torben followed. We did not grow much, but established ourselves as a reliable company that our customers could trust. In 1994, we became a one-man company, when Åse Mørk took over and with his strategies and operating results for the following four years drove us in the same spirit as John, Eddie and Torben.

1998 — A green son

We changed hands again in 1998, when Åse's son, Claus, took over. In his younger years, Claus worked on a farm and horticulture in Miami, Florida, and later became operations manager at Kjeldberg Machine Station. His already strong environmental awareness at the time inspired him to want to help agriculture provide healthy and fresh food, and his basic mode of employment was to make diligent use of minimally polluting, practically applicable technologies. He took this mindset with him to Jet Sport.

2008 — A contrarian expansion

Based on his principles of reliable business practices and green responsibility, he gradually built on and in 2008 - in the midst of the Great Recession, which otherwise pulled the rug away from so many other businesses - could invest in doubling production capacity and usher in a new era for Jet Sport.

2010-12 — A new family era

Two years later, in 2010, one of Claus' two sons, Nichlas, came along and brought his organizational talent and great dedication with him. In 2012, we then became a veritable family business when the other of Claus ’sons, Alexander, also joined. The seed was thus laid for a future generational change, which will guarantee that Jet Sport will also remain in stable, dedicated and well-known hands in the long term.

The family behind Jet Sport
Claus Mørk

Owner and CEO
Claus took over Jet Sport after his mother, Åse, in 1998. As owner and director, Claus' most important task is to ensure a continuous expansion of our production capacity and level of performance. The primary means by which he achieves this are shrewd risk-taking and an understanding of the organizational returns of new technologies.
Nichlas Mørk

Finance and Operations Manager
In his position as Finance and Operations Manager, Claus' son, Nichlas, uses his great organizational skills and dedication to expand Jet Sport and help us towards new goals. He has been with us since 2010.
Alexander Mørk

Media graphic designer
Claus' son, Alexander, is one of our talented media graphic artists. In his slightly younger years, he won the Men's Junior Danish Championship in line running (road cycling).
Our objectives
Claus Mørk   Owner and CEO
“We wish to continually develop new technologies and manufacturing methods that give our customers the best the textile printing industry has to offer. We want to avoid complacency and be the neoteric instigator who pulls the textile industry into Industry 4.0, where the prices are low and the markets big. The pillars of our business will continue to be the manufacture of logos and other motifs for football clubs, industrial launderers, and sporting goods and hardware stores.”
Nichlas Mørk   Finance and Operations Manager
“In addition to what Claus says, we will continue to do our part for the environment and abate social problems through the use of environmentally friendly manufacturing methods, consumption of wind power, collaboration with universities and municipalities on education and integration, and support of cultural organizations and other worthy causes.”