General Data Protection Regulation

General advisement

The following is a description of Jet Sport’s personal data policy in accordance with GDPR. It relates how Jet Sport receives and handles personal data.

The policy covers all personal data collected through our webshop and website or otherwise consigned to us.

Jet Sport is a B2B supplier, for which reason we often act as both data controller (vis-á-vis information about customers and their employees) and data processor (vis-á-vis information received by our business collaborators and customers about our customers’ end-customers).

The following delineation applies both in situations in which we are data controller and in which we are data processor.

Data collection
a) We collect data when we acquire new customers, potential customers, suppliers, and in connection with trade with our business collaborators, forwarders, other companies, and customers.
b) We collect data through our business collaborators. When they place orders with us, we collect data about the person placing the order (hereunder e.g. name, e-mail address, phone number, payment method, information about ordered product, and IP-address). We additionally receive information about third parties such as the buyer’s end-customer, including personal information (hereunder e.g. name, e-mail address, phone number etc.).
c) When collecting data on third parties, we adhere to data controller rules pertaining to the safekeeping of personal data.
d) All accumulated information may be collected by us on at least one of the two following grounds:
   1) Data are collected to enable us to provide the desired and agreed-upon customer service.
   2) Data are collected to enable us to adhere to applicable laws and regulations, including bøgføringsloven (Bookkeeping Guide) and regnskabsloven (Accounting Act).

Information disclosure
Exchange of information will as a natural part of our business take place with business collaborators. Personal information will be disclosed to other data processors in connection with the operation of our IT system, hosting of our webshop, hiring of external forwarders, as well as other interactions with business collaborators during which information exchange is deemed necessary to adhere to regulations or to deliver the desired customer services.

Only in cases deemed necessary according to the above are data disclosed.

Storage and data deletion
All personal data are stored by us or our data processors for a period of five years subsequent to the latest order placement/instance of communication. It is thereafter deleted or anonymized.

Only employees for whom it is deemed necessary for the fulfilment of their duties have access to the stored data.

Individual user rights
a) Document access: User is entitled to access our stored personal data.
b) Copy: User is entitled to receive a copy of our stored personal data.
c) Correction: When incorrect, user is entitled to have our stored personal data corrected.
d) Deletion: User is entitled to have our stored personal data deleted.
e) Limitation: User is entitled to limit us to only storing data and not disclosing them to third parties. Note that taking this action may limit the business options user has with us.
f) Challenge: User is entitled to challenge or object to our handling and storing of data.
g) Data portability: User is entitled to receive a legible and structured description of our stored personal data.
h) Remonstration: User is entitled to complain about our storing or processing or otherwise of personal data. Remonstrations are to be addressed to: Datatilsynet, Borgergade 28, 5. 1300 København K, Phone: 45+ 33 19 32 00.

Questions about GDPR or other personal data-related queries are to be sent to one of the following two e-mail addresses:,

In cooperation with our data processors and IT software suppliers, we have implemented custom technical, organizational, and structural solutions and security precautions. Personal data are consequently not stored or processed in ways other than prescribed by law and cannot be misused or disclosed to unauthorized persons. Questions or other inquiries regarding personal data with Jet Sport are to be directed to:

Jet Sport
Blytækkervej 15
8800 Viborg
45+ 86 61 12 55

Learn more about data protection on the Danish Data Protection Agency’s website.