Terms of Sale and Delivery

Offer period
The offer is valid for a period of 30 days from the offer date (submitted by mail or e-mail), unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. Delivery agreement is valid upon buyer’s written acceptance of the offer.

All prices are less VAT and delivery costs.

Jet Sport is not liable for unforeseen overhead expenses between the offer date and delivery. These include taxes, unforeseen salary expenditures, and other conditions beyond Jet Sport’s control.

The quoted prices do not include:

a) Expenses associated with creative proposals and original materials, unless agreed upon in writing.
b) Expenses for additional labor Jet Sport must incur due to missing, unfit, or faulty materials from the buyer.
c) Expenses incurred for corrections of proposals or materials subsequent to the offer.
d) Expenses incurred for overtime or freight-related labor resulting from circumstances beyond Jet Sport’s control.

Delivery takes place as agreed upon with buyer, though account is taken of delays directly or indirectly ascribable to circumstances or omissions on the part of buyer. In such cases, Jet Sport reserves the right to alter the time of delivery or to cancel the agreement without additional cost. Should Jet Sport elect to exercise this right, buyer is liable for any and all costs already incurred by Jet Sport in connection with the sale.

If no delivery time is agreed upon, Jet Sport will determine one such in accordance with Jet Sport’s capacity/manufacturing schedule.

Payment is due in accordance with the date and the conditions of payment on the order confirmation and subsequent invoice. After this date, interests are incurred pursuant to Jet Sport’s at any time valid interest rate – currently 8% per year.

Special circumstances on the part of buyer may entitle Jet Sport to demand a bank guarantee as payment coverage. Any associated costs therewith are incurred by buyer. If the bank guarantee is demanded after agreement of terms, any associated costs are incurred by Jet Sport.

Factoring/accounts receivable financing is available as payment method to Jet Sport.

Property rights
Ownership of the by Jet Sport created proposals, designs, proofs, and original materials fall to Jet Sport and may not without written consent be consigned to third parties. All intermediate materials – including frames, film, and other intermediates not supplied by buyer – remain the property of Jet Sport.

In case of delays, buyer is entitled to cancel the agreement only when delivery on an exact date was specified by buyer upon placement of order. Otherwise, delivery will take place at the earliest possible time after abeyance of the cause(s) of delay.

Jet Sport is not liable for missing corrections or other conditions not identified by buyer among received proofs, test prints, test embroideries, or digital presentations.

On orders of 100 units or more, Jet Sport is allowed quantity discrepancies of 5%. The buyer is obligated to complain of errors and omissions no later than eight days after delivery. In the absence of timely remonstration, buyer foregoes the right to any potential reimbursements associated with the sale.

Jet Sport is not liable for any loss of materials or financial losses substantiated by misprinting and/or other incorrect or reckless usage or handling on the part of buyer of products delivered, designed, or manufactured by Jet Sport. Any usage or handling on the part of buyer of products delivered, designed, or manufactured by Jet Sport, including immediate or delayed consequences thereof, is the liability and responsibility of buyer only. To a degree deemed reasonable, Jet Sport may elect to substitute, replace, or reimburse losses associated with such erroneous handling or usage.

Liability and force majeure
Jet Sport is not liable for circumstances leading to delays or defects beyond Jet Sport’s control. These include, but are not limited to, strikes, lockouts, fire or water damage, natural disasters, unforeseen changes to transportation conditions, commodity shortages, and other situations that fall under force majeure. In such situations, Jet Sport will carry out delivery or correction of defects as soon as allowed for by the event or circumstances in question.

Jet Sport is not liable for buyer’s or buyer’s client’s/customer’s operating losses, loss of profit, or other indirect losses. Nor is Jet Sport liable for damages inflicted upon buyer’s or other’s products. Are errors ascribable to Jet Sport, Jet Sport’s financial liability will not exceed the value of goods and services rendered.

Jet Sport is not liable for buyer’s lack of rights to patterns, drawings, texts, trademarks or the like that may befall third parties. In the event that Jet Sport is to take responsibility in such cases, buyer is to fully reimburse Jet Sport for all expenses, claims, and compensations that follow as a consequence of such erroneous usage or lack of rights.

Buyer is responsible for insurance of materials or goods delivered to Jet Sport. Jet Sport is to handle materials and goods conscientiously after reception, both prior to and during order processing. Jet Sport can in cases of faulty materials and goods handling be held financially liable for the value equivalent of the materials and goods in question only.

Jet Sport manufactures and markets our ColorStop print as having risk-reducing properties vis-á-vis color bleed. It is not, and should not be perceived as, a guarantee against color bleed. Jet Sport accepts no responsibility for color bleed manifested in or through the use of our ColorStop prints.

None of Jet Sport’s other print products are manufactured or marketed as having risk-reducing properties vis-á-vis color bleed, for which reason Jet Sport, as with ColorStop, accepts no responsibility for color bleed manifested in or through the use of these.

Jet Sport is at any time entitled to, partly or fully, let a supplier handle the order.

Danish legislation – hereunder the Sale of Goods Act – applies to circumstances not covered in the above. In accordance with Danish jurisdiction, any disagreements on the wording of the above or pertaining to Jet Sport’s deliveries may be submitted before Danish courts only.

Any disagreements about the conditions of trade that cannot be amicably resolved are to be submitted to Retten i Viborg, Denmark.