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A cohesive development


Jet Sport is a Global Organic Textile Standard certified company. GOTS is a standard for the manufacture and processing of organic fiber products containing stringent criteria for sustainability and social responsibility.


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Not just the company itself is certified. Individual products and processes under our control are too, but only insofar as the entire supply chain from harvest to final product meets the same criteria. The supply chain includes the gathering of raw materials, sewing, every stage of production, dying, printing, inputs, equipment, machinery, and accessories.

A GOTS certification verifies that many important criteria are met:

Social criteria
No forced labor.
No child labor.
No discrimination.
Employees have freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.
Safe and hygienic working conditions.
Employees receive a fair wage.
Working hours are regulated.
Employees are treated humanely.
The company is ethically operated.

Chemicals use
Chemicals harmful to health and environment such as aromatic solvents,pesticides, genetically modified organisms, azodyes and pigments, heavy metals,softeners, PFCs, formaldehyde, and benzene are not used in any stage ofproduction.

Wastewater treatment
Wastewater is cleaned in internal or external treatment plant prior todischarge.

Packaging, storage, and transportation
Organic textiles are stored and transported in ways that ensure against contamination by forbidden substances or unintended substitution of/intermingling with conventional products or components. Any cardboard or paper used in the packaging of GOTS products is manufactured from recycled post-consumer waste or certified according to a program for sustainable forest management. All transportation activities are documented.

Products and allied substances are regularly tested by independent laboratories. Regular audits to ensure the meeting of standards, on-site inspections, and certification of processing facilities, producers, and distributors are conducted by independent, specially accredited testing institutes in accordance with the GOTS monitoring scheme. These actions and conditions serve to completely secure any and all GOTS certified textiles.

The US lets GOTS speak for its textiles
The US, the world’s largest textile importer and clothing consumer, approves and recommends GOTS by allowing GOTS certified products to be sold as ‘organic.’ This helps minimize trade barriers and makes it easier for consumers to decide which products meet their demands and expectations for sustainability and responsibility.

OEKO-TEX, Appendix 6

Our products are 100% OEKO-TEX, Appendix 6 certified. OEKO-TEX, Appendix 6 is an internationally recognized guarantee that our products are free of harmful chemicals and meet the criteria in Greenpeace’s Detox My Fashion campaign.

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GOTS vs Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX
Standards abound, and it isn’t always easy to distinguish them from one another and know which domains each touches upon. Let’s examine our two primary certifications and learn more about where they do and don’t overlap.

Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX aims for product safety through comprehensive testing for harmful materials, residues, and chemical substances. Textiles are tested by independent laboratories to ensure that every component, i.e. every thread, button, or other accessory, has been tested for harmful substances.

GOTS and OEKO-TEX both put forward stringent chemicals criteria, but Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX only considers the integrity of the end product and the safety of the consumer. Unlike GOTS, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX does not propose environmental or social criteria for supply chains; nor does it stipulate that employed raw materials must be organic. While OEKO-TEX hence is a strong product safety standard, it is not a rubber-stamping of companies' environmental or social regimes.

The singular OEKO-TEX, Appendix 6 certification is a partial departure from this unidirectional centering on the end product, as it grounded in Greenpeace’s DETOX TO ZERO campaign puts forward criteria for the use of chemicals throughout the whole of the supply chain.

Graphical CSR-code

Jet Sport has joined GRAKOM’s (a business organization for companies operating in the communication industry) The Graphical CSR-code.The Graphical CSR-code is a framework for ethical business practices that mirrors UN Global Compact’s ten principles for human rights, labor rights, anti-corruption, and the environment.

‍Through our participation, we emphasize how important we believe it to be for companies to operate under proper social, environmental, and labor-related conditions.

Global Compact
Grounded in ten fundamental principles, the UN Global Compact seeks to recruit and unite responsible companies for the creation of a better world. The principles are based on international conventions and compacts that together comprise a common framework for ethical business practices.

We (not only) aim for better sustainability

Our commitment to CSR is especially apparent in our strong focus on environmentally responsible printing solutions and wind power consumption, but we meet other ethical questions with interest and alacrity as well.

Immigration and special needs people

We have a strong on-going arrangement with Viborg Municipality as per which we take in fugitive immigrants and people with special needs, giving them a foot in the door of the jobs market and a chance to establish themselves in the Danish workforce.

Cultural organizations

We support numerous local cultural organizations such as Viborg Kultur- & Idrætsfond, an independent institution promoting local cultural undertakings, Tinghallen Kongres- og Musikhus, a local concert arena, and Pimpongs Talentskole, a local football camp for kids.

The Danish Cancer Society

We support The Danish Cancer Society’s tireless efforts into research, information-sharing, and counselling about cancer and its symptoms and treatments.

A healthy work environment

We endeavor to create a fulfilling, cooperative, and diverse work environment in which our employees thrive and are rewarded with personal appreciation and suitable economic compensation. A happy employee is not just an intrinsically ethical signet but a professional and economic capacity that creates value and helps others achieve.

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