Code of Conduct

Jet Sport Code of Conduct
Honesty and responsibility are at the core of how Jet Sport operates. We have both a duty and a desire to behave professionally and with integrity in all our activities.

We take pride in being a responsible company and expect our suppliers to operate similarly. Through this code of conduct, we seek to create value for our business partners, employees, and the society in which we operate.

Jet Sport supports ethical business practices within the areas of human rights, the environment, labor rights, and anti-corruption. We want to work with suppliers who similarly work toward the promotion of ethics and responsibility.

This code of conduct applies to entities supplying products and services to Jet Sport, hereunder parent companies and subsidiaries as well as any other in any way associated company. Suppliers are to expect of their subcontractors sufficiently implemented procedures toward the management of said subcontractors’ commercial impact on people and society, and generally ensure said subcontractors’ adherence to the in this code of conduct cited principles.

Demands of Suppliers

Work environment
Suppliers are expected to ensure a healthy work environment for employees and to adhere to applicable national laws and regulations.

Suppliers must:

· Take all necessary steps toward the prevention of work-related accident and injuries.
· Ensure relevant training of employees, document almost-accidents, and create a safety committee.
· Ensure that employees are not exposed to hazardous processes, chemicals, substances etc.
· Ensure availability of healthy and hygienic employee facilities.
· Ensure access to clean and hygienic toilets and bathrooms appropriate for both sexes.

Social criteria
Suppliers are expected to respect and support internationally declared human rights and minimize negative effects upon these.

Suppliers must:

· Prohibit any form of modern slavery, hereunder forced labor and human trafficking.
· Prohibit child labor.
· Support equality, fair treatment, and the right to privacy.
· Prevent discrimination, violence, threats, and harassment.
· Respect the right to organize and negotiate collectively.

Environment and climate
Suppliers are expected to be familiar with and adhere to national environmental laws and regulations relevant to activities, products, and services.

Suppliers must:
· Accept independent responsibility for and work toward reduction of direct and indirect CO2 footprints in their supply chains.
· Accept independent responsibility for and work toward reduction of energy and water consumption, production of waste, and release of greenhouse gasses.
· Minimize the use of limited natural resources and harmful substances.
· Adhere to the at any time applicable REACH regulation and RoHS Directive.
· Minimize direct and indirect environmental impacts of their products. 

Suppliers are expected to adhere to the principles and recommendations in the OECD’s guidelines for multinational companies.

Suppliers must:
· Adhere to applicable legislation, including, but not limited to, bribery and corruption laws.
· Adhere to applicable EU and US criteria for export control and trade sanctions.
· Adhere to applicable legislation concerning conflict minerals in Section 1502 of The Dodd-Frank act.
· Become and remain GDPR compliant.

Follow-up and Adherence

Jet Sport expects our suppliers to apply anti-corruption measures and prevent negative impacts on human rights, the environment, and labor rights, and that these efforts are carried out in accordance with international guidelines for due diligence.

Suppliers must:
· Identify and minimize negative impacts on the above matters and document how negative impacts are handled; this in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
· If supplier causes, contributes to, or can be associated with negative impacts on the above matters, supplier must inform Jet Sport thereof and document actions taken toward the termination, prevention, and/or minimization of   said impacts.

Jet Sport activities and rights
Jet Sport reserves the right to verify adherence to this code of conduct through self-assessment forms as well as internal or external evaluation processes. Verification activities will primarily be aimed at suppliers for whom risk of non-compliance is considered high and cooperation is estimated to result in desired, lasting improvement.

Jet Sport encourages suppliers to continually develop their ability to adhere to international standards and best practices.

Should suppliers fail to adhere to this code of conduct and display a lack of willingness to do so, Jet Sport will consider it a violation of the partnership and reserve the right to terminate same.